If you are planning to move to Turkey with your pet, there is an exhaustive list of things you need to plan in advance. There are three main steps you should take before traveling with your pet to Turkey:

1️- Prepare the necessary documents (concerning you and your pet)

Completing the first step means that you will have to visit the veterinarian frequently to prepare the necessary documents and confirm that your pet is healthy and does not carry any diseases. In addition, you may have to make a microchip for your pet and issue a passport for your furry friend, which will be used as a form of identification. Your furry companion(s) must have all the necessary vaccinations, as well as a health certificate issued by a registered and licensed veterinarian.

2️- Buying a carrier

Next, you will need to purchase a well-designed carrier that complies with the rules of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). When choosing a carrier, consider the duration of the flight and the comfort of your pet. Before the trip, you must collect all the necessary things for your pet – water, a food bowl, food, toys, etc. You should also assemble a first aid kit for pets just in case.

3️- Choosing an airline

The last step is to choose an airline. There are two ways your pet can travel with you to Turkey: as cargo or as excess baggage. Prices, documentation, booking, and procedures after landing are different in both cases.

❗️NOTE. The rules and requirements are changing. Before entering the country, please contact the relevant authorities to clarify all the details.

Do you have any additional tips or, conversely, questions? Let us know in the comments or contact us -> https://www.mbhomes.se/kontakta-oss/

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