Real estate in Turkey has recently experienced a huge boom with an annual increase in purchasing value, which has made the property market a desirable target for foreign investors. Signs of increasing property sales to foreigners are still the best evidence of this, with the real estate sector accounting for a fifth of Turkey’s real estate market.

There are many factors that affect the value of the real estate, the most important of which are:

1. Location of the object: prices in different regions are also different. It is clear that objects in the resort area will cost more than somewhere on the outskirts of the city. Real estate prices also depend on the distance from the sea and the presence of a nearby beach.

2. Type of property: for example, age, size, and type of property, whether it is commercial or residential – all this should be taken into account, as these factors directly affect the cost of housing.

3. The general condition of the property: whether it is new or not, furnished or empty, what type of finishes it has, the presence of natural gas, and so on.

4. View: plays a huge role in real estate pricing. There will be your windows overlooking the sea, mountains, or urban infrastructure – it all depends on your financial capabilities.

5. Availability of services: the availability of schools, hospitals, public transportation, medical and entertainment centers, and other facilities in the area of your property. You should know that developed infrastructure = an increase in the price of a property.

6. Legal documents: Our pricing policy will not leave anyone indifferent, because we select real estate based on your ability to pay. If you think that Turkish real estate is too expensive, then we are ready to pleasantly surprise you. We are waiting for you in direct for a more detailed consultation.

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